> for project planning and design of lighting systems

Lightglow is the most experienced horse in the stable of Transparency and deals primarily with the Planning of modern, individual as well as affordable lighting concepts for indoor and outdoor areas.

Asti Lights

> for contemporary lamp design with progressive LED technology

You want your own lamp design or maybe even your own lamp collection? „Innovation“ in the sense of new ideas and inventions as well „Progress“ in the advancement of technology Highlights characterize our designs.

Allinlight Service (ALS)

> for services related to installation, maintenance and Replacement of lights

Our fitters in our lighting service department install something was planned in advance with you down to the last detail. A good light comes only right applicable if the installations are appropriate carried out professionally and carefully.

Technology Development Light


> for the development of new technologies, designs, Machines for the production of lamps as well as new ones bulbs

Our development and innovation department is that The heart of today’s and tomorrow’s lighting products. Whether in the field of interior design, outdoor spaces, aviation, Nautical, automotive or mechanical engineering and much more, …