Dominik Gschwind


Born 1968 in Basel, Dominik Gschwind grew up on a farm in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland’s Northwest and spent the most part of his time outdoors. The beauty and harmony of that gorgeous landscape has left a deep impact on his emotional relation to the sensations of nature.

Dominik’s professional work as an architect and designer started after his graduation at the ETH High school of Architecture in Zurich 1996.

His c is inspired from lots of different disciplines last but not least from wooden boatbuilding, a craft which he learned and got a degree in the UK in 2013.

Finally there is one more discipline which gave Dominik a profound sense for form, light, color and composition, etc. it’s his passionate work as a painting artist.

He did all from residential projects, petrol stations, a museum, shops, a dental clinic, school projects, offices, a farmhouse transformation and much more.

But since he founded his own atelier in 2005 he also developed a deep interest in designing furniture, fittings, lamps and much more.

It’s the bespoke solution for very individual demands which is the greatest challenge and motivation in his daily work.

Dorfstrasse 45, CH-8166 Niederweningen  /  Switzerland
Tel +41 (0)79 428 12 84