Andrea Sandro Asti


Andrea Sandro Asti was born 1971 in Aarau Switzerland as son of Karin and Roberto who both immigrated to Switzerland from Germany and Italy in their youth. Andrea did an apprenticeship as electrician and added his studies to become an electro engineer after having travelled the world. Later he added studies to become a teacher for electro engineer, physics, mathematics, electric regulations and combined law.

His fascination for light was always there. 2005 he decided to become independent as a light designer. From 2005 until 2019 he did a lot of high end projects around the world with all kind of challenging topics. 2019 he decided to start all over again with new ideas, new spirit and new forces. Andrea is different. He thinks out of the box. He is very solution oriented and very sensitive to clients needs and wishes. His throughout positive thinking is very affecting and makes it a pleasure to work with. Of course with all the positive characters he can be as well insisting, precise and clear on what he wants due to his wast experience and his skills. This makes him a charismatic personality. 

Andrea is fully aware that he would not be that successful if he wouldn’t have good partners and friends. His relations and network have grown since 1993, are very strong and trustful connections and friendships. 

As a team they are able to fly and land the plane.
They open the space of possibilities and come to the point.
Harmony makes the team work.
Teamwork is the key for their success.
The rest is done with faith, love and devotion

Attila Pierre Bräuhofer


Attila Pierre Bräuhofer was born 1977 in Vienna, Austria and has lived since 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland.

He completed a locksmith apprenticeship with higher technical training (today: mechatronics engineer). Later he added a degree in Business Economics FH at BFI Vienna and subsequently graduated as a graduate sales manager at WIFI Vienna. In Zurich, he completed the Executive Master of Business Administration FH in Change Management / Organisational Development out of interest. In order to be able to react perfectly in his role in the future, he decided 2021 to study mediation and conflict resolution at UCAM (Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia) Spain.

His fascination with technology has always been there. He was able to satisfy this curiosity for years at Alcatel-Lucent and other high-tech companies. In October 2009, he dared to take the step into self-employment, which he has not regretted for a second to this day. Since then, he has been able to help many entrepreneurs in the areas of „marketing, sales, business development, etc.“ and expanding his own knowledge immensely.

In 2021, Andrea Sandro Asti came into Attila’s life and made the subject of light and technology palatable to him. After careful consideration and a review of resources, he decided to get involved with the subject of light. Since then, the graduate engineer and the business economist have been friends and a strong duo with great drive. 

Coming together is a start
Staying together is progress
Working together brings success

You can only take off when everyone takes their foot off the brake.

Dominik Gschwind

Design Director

Born 1968 in Basel, Dominik Gschwind grew up on a farm in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland’s Northwest and spent the most part of his time outdoors. The beauty and harmony of that gorgeous landscape has left a deep impact on his emotional relation to the sensations of nature.

Dominik’s professional work as an architect and designer started after his graduation at the ETH High school of Architecture in Zurich 1996.

His c is inspired from lots of different disciplines last but not least from wooden boatbuilding, a craft which he learned and got a degree in the UK in 2013.

Finally there is one more discipline which gave Dominik a profound sense for form, light, color and composition, etc. it’s his passionate work as a painting artist.

He did all from residential projects, petrol stations, a museum, shops, a dental clinic, school projects, offices, a farmhouse transformation and much more.

But since he founded his own atelier in 2005 he also developed a deep interest in designing furniture, fittings, lamps and much more.

It’s the bespoke solution for very individual demands which is the greatest challenge and motivation in his daily work.