1. What makes things visible.
2. The source of light, a luminous point.
3. Visible or invisible radiations emitted by incandescent or luminescent bodies.
4. What enlightens the mind.

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Let there be light

Transparence Design Light

TransparenceDesign Light.
Let there be light.

TDL is the light expert: we ensure, the realisation of your project will surpass your expectations. From the ordinary to the most elaborate. From the thoughtful to the ingenious. From the intimate to the theatrical. All with the same rigour and the same enthusiasm.

Transparence Design Light, an enlightened approach to light.

Light design is very much a question of knowledge and experience. TDL unites state of the art knowledge with years of experience to engineer the best solutions in lighting. They will astound you. Profit from skilled lighting professionals, ready to be involved in and available for your project.

Transparence Design Light answers your questions with lighting.

TDL imagines and works with lighting ideas. Innovative, reliable. Our solutions meet your requirements, provide answers to your questions and your topics. Let us know what you dream about and we will create the right light around it. For TDL, lighting is not only an affair of the eye, it is pure emotion.

With Transparence Design Light, your own creativity gets centre stage.

You desire to work with your own ideas? We are with you: our resources are at your disposal to transform your preconceptions into reality. We will support you on the way to the manufacture of a prototype. Set your imagination free and we will add our support with our skills.

TDL plans and realise lighting solutions which are unique. Whether you are an expert or a newcomer, move out of the shadows into the light now.

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